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600. Hold Fast Till I Come

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[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] Sweet promise is given to all who believe— “Behold I come quickly, Mine own to receive; Hold fast till I come; the danger is great; Sleep not as do others; be watchful, and wait.” [Refrain] “Hold fast till I come,” sweet promise of heaven— “The kingdom restored, to you shall be given.” “Come, enter My joy, sit down on the throne; Bright crowns are in waiting; hold fast till I come.” [Verse 2] We’ll “watch unto prayer” with lamps burning bright; He comes to all others a “thief in the night.” We know He is near, but know not the day— As spring shows that summer is not far away. [Verse 3] Yes! this is our hope, ’tis built on His word— The glorious appearing of Jesus, our Lord; Of promises all, it stands as the sum: “Behold I come quickly; hold fast till I come.”