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I’m Australian, taught English & Bible in Hiroshima, work in IT, live in Tokyo, have fun, search for answers in life, and seek to love people and God.

Kanji Play - game to learn Japanese writing

Kanji Etymology - origin of Japanese and Chinese characters

Hymn Chords - guitar chords for Christian songs from the SDA Hymnal

希望の讃美歌のギターコード - guitar chords for the Japanese SDA Hymnal

Bible Chapter Summaries

Japan SDA churches and schools - list and map

Japan’s Shrines and Temples - research paper written in the 1930s by Andrew Nelson, Adventist missionary

Nestorian Stele - monument of Christianity in 8th Century Asia

花粉全国地図2022年 Japan Pollen Map - Data showing average pollen from 3 February to 30 April 2022

Japan - handy links, earthquakes, plants and animals

Shinkansen - lines, services and rolling stock

Train Delay Reasons - chart of the various reasons why trains in Tokyo in 2020 were delayed

Emergency Links - Real-time Earthquake Map and other earthquake, tsunami, volcano and typhoon info for Japan

Maps - US Interstates . Marunouchi (Tokyo Station)

Games - play Draughts, Othello or Yahtzee with this online spreadsheet

Fun - Cricket Field Positions for the Casual Observer

The picture below is a nice shot Dad took a few minutes walk from home in Hervey Bay, Queensland.

Hervey Bay Sunset

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