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76. あがないぬしに


Bb  F   Bb  Eb    F7  Bbsus Bb
All glo-ry, laud, and hon - or,

   F     Gm Cm7  F   Bb
To Thee, Re-deem-er, King,

Bb F    Bb  Eb   F7 Bbsus Bb
To whom the lips of chil- dren

     F     Gm Cm7 F   Bb
Made sweet ho-san-nas ring.

Bb       Gm  C    C7 F  C7 F
Thou art the King of Is-ra-el,

Dm   Gm F     Bb6 C7 F
Thou Da-vid’s roy-al Son,

F   Bb     Eb     Bb   F F7 Bb
Who in the Lord’s name com- est,

Bb  Eb   Bb  Fsus  F7 Bb
The King and Bless-ed One.