Brad Warden / Music / Hymn Chords / Japanese


425. こころして待て


D           A         Bm   D
Rejoice, re-joice, be-liev-ers,

    Em7      A7        D
And let your lights ap-pear:

A   D       A     E7
The evening is ad-vancing,

    F#m  Bm A     E7 A
And dark-er night is near.

A7  D          A7 D    A
The Bridegroom is aris-ing,

A7  D       A7   D   A
And soon He draw-eth nigh.

    D                    A    G
Up, pray, and watch, and wres-tle,

Fdim7 D        A7        D
At    midnight comes the cry.