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41. 牧人ひつじを


C         Am G  Dm  C     F   C
The first no-el the angel did say
G7     C       Dm   C    F     G7 C            G7   C
Was to certain poor shep-herds in fields where they lay;
G7 C      Am    G    Dm  C       F     C
In fields where they lay keeping their sheep,
F    C        Dm    C     G7   C   G7 C
On a cold win-ter’s night that was so deep.
G7 C   Am Em  C  F      C G
No-el, No-el, No-el, No-el,
Am   Cmaj7 F   C    G7 C  G7 C
Born is    the King of Is-ra-el.