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39. あめには栄え


F             C   F      F C
Hark! the her-ald angels sing,

F    Fmaj7 Bb Gm  F   C    F
“Glo-ry    to the new born King,

F               C   Dm  F  G7 G
Peace on earth, and mer-cy mild,

Am  G   C       F  G7  C
God and sinners re-con-ciled!”

F              C7 F     F C
Joyful, all ye na-tions rise,

F                C7 F   F C
Join the triumph of the skies;

Bb               Gm   D7  Gm
With th’ angelic host pro-claim,

C7      Am F            C  F
“Christ is born in Beth-le-hem!”

Bb            F   Gm D    Gm
Hark! the her-ald an-gels sing,

C    C7 F          C7   F
“Glo-ry to the new-born King!”