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355. 祈りの言葉


Eb         Bb7 Eb    Bb7  Eb Bb
Teach, me, Fa- ther, what to say;

Bb7       Gm Bdim7 Cm  Bb Eb
Teach me, Fa-ther, how to pray;

      Fm7 Eb7 Ab Eb   Eb7 Ab
Teach me  all a- long the way

Eb        Ab   Bb7 Eb
How to be like Je- sus.

Eb      Cm Eb   Ab C7
I would be like Je-sus,

Fm Fm7   Fm6 Ab   Bb Bb7
I  would be  like Je-sus!

Eb       Eb7      Ab    Fm7
Help me, Lord, to daily grow

Eb                 Bb7 Eb
More and more like Je- sus!