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173. いのちの糧


C7   F              Am        Dm  Gm             C
Sent forth by God’s blessing, Our true faith con-fessing,

C7  F         Bb           F        C7   F
The people of God from His dwelling take leave.

C7  F         Am     Dm  Gm        C
The supper is ended. Oh, now be ex-tended

C7  F              Bb         F       C7 F
The fruits of this service in all who be-lieve.

C7  F                        C7
The seed of His teaching, Re-ceptive souls reaching,

C7    F                 Dm  C       G7  C
Shall blossom in action for God and for all.

C7  F            Am       Dm  Gm           C
His grace did in-vite us, His love shall u-nite us

C7 F              Bb          F      C7  F
To work for God’s kingdom and answer His call.