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170. 願わくは神


C                      Dm7 G7 C
The Lord bless you and keep   you,

                  Am   Em Am       G D G
The Lord life His coun-te-nance up-on you,

A7           D      G7           C
And give you peace, and give you peace;

    Dm7  G7  C                              C Fdim7 Am
The Lord the Lord make His face to shine up-on      you,

       F Am C          C Dm7 C7 F
And be gra- cious unto you,  be gracious,

    C7      Fsus C7     A7  Dm7   C  G G7 C
The Lord be gra- cious, gra-cious un-to    you.

F C 

C     Em7 F   Dm C G   Em Dm Am D G F C E7 Am Em

Fmaj7 Dm  Em7 A7  Dm Ddim7 C Cdim7 Dm7 G7  C