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138. いざみな来たりて


F         Gm7    F     Fmaj7  Gm7
Come, all Christ-ians, be com-mitted

F      Gm7 F    Bb     F
To the ser-vice of the Lord;

F         Dm7                Gm7
Make your lives for him more fitted,

          F      Bb          Dm
Tune your hearts with one ac-cord.

Dm      Am F   Am7         Dm
Come in-to His courts with gladness,

F    Am  Bb F    Gm7  F  Gsus Gm
Each his sa-cred vows re-new,

C7     F   Bb   F   Am7 Gm7 Dm7
Turn a-way from sin and sad-ness,

Gm7      Dm     F    Bb     F
Be trans-formed with life a-new.