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110. いざやともに


Eb  Bb    Eb Ab      Eb
Now thank we all our God

     Fm    Eb  Bb    Eb  Bsus B7 Eb
With heart and hands and voices,

Eb  Bbm Eb7   Ab          Eb
Who won-drous things hath done,

   Ab   Eb  Bb7   G  Fm Bb Eb
In whom His world re-joic- es;

Bb   F    Bb  Eb       Bb
Who, from our mothers’ arms

     Eb      Bb Cm7 D   Gm
Hath blessed us on  our way

Bb   C     C7   Fm    C7 Fm
With count-less gifts of love,

Eb  Fm    Cm Eb   Bb Eb
And still is ours to-day.