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93. All Things Bright and Beautiful

Added: 28 Jan 2006 | Transpose: [Down] [Up] | Capo fret: 11 | .cho file text | More Hymns | FaceBook Page

Ab         Db     Ab  Db     Ab       Bbm7      Eb7       Ab     Eb7
All things bright and beauti-ful, All creatures great and small,

Ab Db Cm Db Ab F7 Bbm Eb7 Ab Db Ab
All things wise and wonder-ful, The Lord God made them all.

Ab Ab7 Db Bbm Eb Eb7 Ab Bbm7 Ab
Each little flower that opens, Each little bird that sings;

Eb7 Ab C Fm Bbm Eb7 Ab Db Eb7 Ab
He made their glowing col-ors, He made their tiny wings.
[[Full Lyrics]] [Refrain] All things bright and beautiful All creatures great and small All things wise and wonderful The Lord God made them all. [Verse 1] Each little flow’r that opens Each little bird that sings He made their glowing colours He made their tiny wings. [Verse 2] The purple-headed mountain The river running by The sunset and the morning That brightens up the sky. [Verse 3] The cold wind in the winter The pleasant summer sun The ripe fruits in the garden He made them, every one. [Verse 4] He gave us eyes to see them And lips that we might tell How great is God Almighty Who has made all things well.