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74. Like a River Glorious

Added: 8 Jan 2006 | Transpose: [Down] [Up] | Capo fret: 0 | .cho file text | More Hymns | FaceBook Page

F      C     F        Bb       C       F
Like a river glorious Is God’s perfect peace,

F C F C G7 C
Over all vic-torious In its bright in-crease;

F C7 F Bb F Gm7 C7 F C
Perfect, yet it flow-eth Full-er every day,

F A7 Dm G7 F C7 F
Perfect, yet it grow-eth Deeper all the way.

F C7 F Bb F Gm7 C7 F C
Trusting in Je-ho-vah, Hearts are fully blest

F A7 Dm G F C7 F
Finding, as He prom-ised, Perfect peace and rest.
[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] Like a river glorious, Is God’s perfect peace, Over all victorious, In its bright increase; Perfect, yet it floweth, Fuller every day, Perfect, yet it groweth, Deeper all the way. [Refrain] Trusting in Jehovah, Hearts are fully blessed— Finding, as He promised, Perfect peace and rest. [Verse 2] Hidden in the hollow Of His blessed hand, Never foe can follow, Never traitor stand; Not a surge of worry, Not a shade of care, Not a blast of hurry Touch the spirit there. [Verse 3] Every joy or testing Comes from God above, Given to His children As an act of love; We may trust Him fully All for us to do— Those who trust Him wholly Find Him wholly true.