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658. Heavenly Father, Hear Our Prayer

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[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] Heav’nly Father, hear our prayer As we bow before You: Bless them in the life they share, Humble we implore You. Be their guide in all endeavors, Be their hope that nothing severs; Constant source of love divine, Let Your love within them shine! [Verse 2] As they pledge their love this day Here before Your altar, May their hearts,, upon You stayed, Never fail or falter. Be their comfort in all sorrow; Be their reason for tomorrow. Grant them strength to live each hour Trusting solely in Your pow’r. [Verse 3] Blest Creator, Lord of life, Hear our glad thanksgiving. Husband You have joined to wife For their earthly living. Justified by Jesus’ merit, Life eternal they inherit. When their days on earth have passed, Take them to Your home at last!