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649. Lord, While for All Mankind We Pray

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F           C   F   Bb  C       F        Bb C   G         C
Lord, while for all man-kind we pray, Of ev-ery clime and coast,
C F Bb F Gm F C F C Dm Gm7 C F
Oh, hear us for our na-tive land, The land we love the most!
[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] Lord, while for all mankind we pray Of every clime and coast, O hear us for our native land, The land we love the most! [Verse 2] O guard our shores from every foe, With peace our borders bless; With prosperous times our cities crown, Our fields with plenteousness! [Verse 3] Unite us in the sacred love Of knowledge, truth, and Thee; And let our hills and valleys shout The songs of liberty. [Verse 4] Lord of the nations, thus to Thee Our country we commend; Be Thou her Refuge and her trust, Her everlasting friend.