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639. A Diligent and Grateful Heart

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Eb     Ab Bb       Eb    Bb  Cm
A dil-i- gent and grate-ful heart
Eb Ab Eb Ab Eb
Prompts me to sing Thy praise.
Cm Ab Bb7 Eb Fm Eb Bb7 Cm
Thy love and mer - cies from the start
Eb Ab Eb Bb7 Eb Ab Eb
Have blessed me all my days.
[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] A diligent and grateful heart Prompts me to sing Thy praise. Thy love and mercies from the start Have blessed me all my days. [Verse 2] I thank Thee for the means to serve With talents and with tithes, For sharing brings the utmost joy When lifting other lives. [Verse 3] My thanks I give you for stewardship To minister through deeds, To serve and share with patient care Thy people in their needs. [Verse 4] O Lord, I dedicate my all In this response to Thee. Help me to magnify this call In deep humility.