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634. Come, All Christians, Be Committed

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F         Gm7    F     Fmaj7  Gm7
Come, all Christ-ians, be com-mitted

F Gm7 F Bb F
To the ser-vice of the Lord;

F Dm7 Gm7
Make your lives for him more fitted,

F Bb Dm
Tune your hearts with one ac-cord.

Dm Am F Am7 Dm
Come in-to His courts with gladness,

F Am Bb F Gm7 F Gsus Gm
Each his sa-cred vows re-new,

C7 F Bb F Am7 Gm7 Dm7
Turn a-way from sin and sad-ness,

Gm7 Dm F A# F
Be trans-formed with life a-new.
[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] Come, all Christians, be committed To the service of the Lord; Make your lives for him more fitted, Tune your hearts with one accord. Come into His courts with gladness, Each his sacred vows renew, Turn away from sin and sadness, Be transformed with life anew. [Verse 2] Of your time and talents give ye, They are gifts from God above; To be used by Christians freely To proclaim His wondrous love. Come again to serve the Savior, Tithes and off’rings with you bring. In your work, with Him find favor, And with joy His praises sing. [Verse 3] God’s command to love each other Is required of every one; Showing mercy to one another Mirrors His redemptive plan. In compassion He has given Of His love that is divine; On the cross sins were forgiven; Joy and peace are fully thine. [Verse 4] Come in praise and adoration, All who in Christ’s name believe; Worship Him with consecration, Grace and love you will receive. For His grace give Him the glory, For the Spirit and the Word, And repeat the gospel story Till mankind His name has heard.