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628. As Jacob With Travel Was Weary

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[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] As Jacob with travel was weary one day, At night on a stone for a pillow he lay; He saw in a vision a ladder so high That its foot was on earth and its top in the sky. [Refrain] Alleluia to Jesus who died on the tree, And has raised up a ladder of mercy for me, And has raised up a ladder of mercy for me. [Verse 2] Come let us ascend! All may climb it who will; For the angels of Jacob are guarding it still: And remember each step that by faith we passo’er, Some prophet or martyr has trod it before. [Verse 3] And when we arrive at the haven of rest We shall hear the glad words, “Come up hither, ye blest, Here are regions of light, here are mansions of bliss.” O who would not climb such a ladder as this?