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621. Gracious Father, Guard Thy Children

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[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] Gracious Father, guard Thy children From the foe’s destructive power; Save, O save them, Lord, from falling In this dark and trying hour. Thou wilt surely prove Thy people, All our graces must be tried; But Thy word illumes our pathway, And in God we still confide. [Verse 2] We are in the time of waiting; Soon we shall behold our Lord, Wafted far away from sorrow, To receive our rich reward. Keep us, Lord, till Thine appearing, Pure, unspotted from the world; Let Thy Holy Spirit cheer us Till Thy banner is unfurled. [Verse 3] With what joyful exultation Shall the saints Thy banner see, When the Lord for whom we’ve waited Shall proclaim the jubilee! Freedom from this world’s pollutions; Freedom from all sin and pain; Freedom from the wiles of Satan, And from death’s destructive reign.