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611. Awake, My Soul!

Added: 11 Sep 2021 | Transpose: [Down] [Up] | Capo fret: 1 | .cho file text | More Hymns | FaceBook Page

E         B     F#m     A  B   E
Awake, my soul! stretch ev-ery nerve,

B C#m B F#7 B
And press with vig-or on;

E C#m F#m B G#m C#m A
A heaven-ly race de-mands thy zeal,

Dbm Gbm E A E B7 E
And an im-mor- tal crown.
[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] Awake, my soul! stretch every nerve, And press with vigor on; A heavenly race demands thy zeal, And an immortal crown. [Verse 2] ’Tis God’s all animating voice That calls thee from on high; ’Tis He whose hand presents the prize To thine aspiring eye. [Verse 3] A cloud of witnesses around Hold thee in full survey; Forget the steps already trod, And onward urge thy way. [Verse 4] Blest Savior, introduced by Thee, Our race have we begun; And, crowned with victory, at Thy feet We’ll lay our trophies down.