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594. Heir of the Kingdom

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[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] Heir of the kingdom, O why dost thou slumber? Why art thou sleeping so near thy blest home? Wake thee, arouse thee, and gird on thine armor, Speed, for the moments are hurrying on. [Verse 2] Heir of the kingdom, say, why dost thou linger? How canst thou tarry in sight of the prize? Up, and adorn thee, the Savior is coming; Haste to receive Him descending the skies. [Verse 3] Earth’s mighty nations, in strife and commotion, Tremble with terror, and sink in dismay; Listen, ’tis nought but the chariot’s loud rumbling; Heir of the kingdom, no longer delay. [Verse 4] Stay not, O stay not for earth’s vain allurements! See how its glory is passing away; Break the strong fetters the foe hath bound o’er thee; Heir of the kingdom, turn, turn thee away. [Verse 5] Keep the eye single, the head upward lifted; Watch for the glory of earth’s coming King; Lo! o’er the mountaintops light is now breaking; Heirs of the kingdom, rejoice ye and sing.