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583. You That Know the Lord

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[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] You that know the Lord is gracious, You for whom a cornerstone Stands, of God elect and precious, Laid that you may build there-on, See that on that sure foundation You a living temple raise. Towers that may tell forth salvation, Walls that may reech-o praise. [Verse 2] Living stones by God appointed Each to his allotted place, Kings and priests, by God anointed, Shall you not declare His grace? You, a royal generation, Tell the tidings of your birth, Tidings of a new creation To an old and weary earth. [Verse 3] Tell the praise of Him who called you Out of darkness into light, Broke the fetters that enthralled you, Gave you freedom, peace, and sight: Tell the tale of sins forgiven, Strength renewed and hope restored, Till the earth, in tune with heaven, Praise and magnify the Lord.