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5. All My Hope on God Is Founded

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[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] All my hope on God is founded; He doth still my trust renew, Me through change and chance He guideth, Only good and only true. God unknown, He alone Calls my heart to be His own. [Verse 2] Pride of man and earthly glory, Sword and crown betray his trust; What with care and toil he buildeth, Tower and temple fall to dust. But God’s power, hour by hour, Is my temple and my tower. [Verse 3] God’s great goodness aye endureth Deep His wisdom, passing thought: Splendor, light, and life attend Him, Beauty springeth out of naught. Love doth stand at His hand; Joy doth wait on His command. [Verse 4] Still from man to God eternal Sacrifice of praise be done, High above all praises praising For the gift of Christ His son. Christ doth call one and all: Ye who follow shall not fall.