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494. We Would See Jesus

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[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] “We would see Jesus;” for the shadows lengthen Across the little landscape of our life; We would see Jesus, our weak faith to strengthen For the last conflict, in this mortal strife. [Verse 2] “We would see Jesus,” Rock of our salvation, Where on our feet were set with sovereign grace; Not life, nor death, with all their agitation, Can thence remove us, gazing on His face. [Verse 3] “We would see Jesus;” other lights are paling, Which for long years we did rejoice to see; The blessings of this sinful world are failing; We would not mourn them, in exchange for Thee. [Verse 4] “We would see Jesus;” this is all we’re needing- Strength, joy and willingness come with the sight; We would see Jesus, dying, risen, pleading, Soon to return and end this mortal night!