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486. I Do Believe

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E  B       B7         E
Fa-ther, I stretch my hands to Thee;

No other help I know;

B7 E
If Thou withdraw Thy-self from me,

A F#m B7 E
Ah, wither shall I go?
[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] Father, I stretch my hands to Thee; No other help I know; If Thou withdraw Thyself from me, Ah, wither shall I go? [Verse 2] On Thy dear Son I now believe, O let me feel Thy power; And all my varied wants relieve, In this accepted hour. [Verse 3] Author of faith! To Thee I lift My weary, longing eyes; O let me now receive that gift; My soul without it dies. [Verse 4] Surely Thou canst not let me die; O speak, and I shall live; And here I will unwearied lie, Till Thou Thy Spirit give. [Verse 5] How would my fainting soul rejoice Could I but see Thy face! Now let me hear Thy quickening voice, And taste Thy pardoning grace. [Verse 6] I do believe, I now believe That Jesus died for me, And that He shed His precious blood From sin to set me free.