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453. We Have Heard

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[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] We have heard from the bright, the holy, land; We have heard, and our hearts are glad; For we were a lonely pilgrim band, And weary, and worn, and sad. They tell us the saints have a dwelling there— No longer are homeless ones; And we know that the goodly land is fair, Where life’s pure river runs. [Verse 2] They say green fields are waving there, That never a blight shall know; And the deserts wild are blooming fair, And the roses of Sharon grow. There are lovely birds in the bowers green, Their songs are blithe and sweet; And their warblings, gushing ever new, The angels’ harpings greet. [Verse 3] We have heard of the palms, the robes, the crowns, And the silvery band in white; Of the city fair, with pearly gates, All radiant with light. We have heard of the angels there, and saints, With their harps of gold, how they sing; Of the mount with the fruitful tree of life, Of the leaves that healing bring. [Verse 4] The King of that country, He is fair, He’s the joy and light of the place; In His beauty we shall behold Him there, And bask in His smiling face, We’ll be there, we’ll be there in a little while, We’ll join the pure and the blest; We’ll have the palm, the robe, the crown, And forever be at rest.