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427. No Night There

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[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] In the land of fadeless day Lies “the city four-square;” It shall never pass away, And there is “no night there.” [Refrain] God shall “wipe away all tears;” There’s no death, no pain, nor fears; And they count not time by years, For there is “no night there.” [Verse 2] All the gates of pearl are made, In “the city four-square;” All the streets with gold are laid, And there is “no night there.” [Verse 3] And the gates shall never close To “the city four-square;” There life’s crystal river flows, And there is “no night there.” [Verse 4] There they need no sunshine bright, In “that city four-square;” For the Lamb is all the light, And there is “no night there.”