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409. Jesus Invites His Saints

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G        C     D7  G      G7 C    G Am    A#dim6 G D
Jesus in-vites His saints To meet a-round His board,

D7 G C D7 Em D G G7 Am G D7 G
And sup in mem-ory of the death And sufferings of their Lord.
[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] Jesus invites His saints To meet around His board, And sup in memory of the death And sufferings of their Lord. [Verse 2] We take the bread and wine As emblems of Thy death; Lord, raise our souls above the sign, To feast on Thee by faith. [Verse 3] Faith eats the bread of life, And drinks the living wine; It looks beyond this scene of strife Unites us to the Vine. [Verse 4] Soon shall the night be gone, Our Lord will come again; The marriage supper of the Lamb Will usher in His reign.