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373. Seeking the Lost

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Ab                               Db
Seeking the lost, yes, kindly en-treating

Db Ab Eb
Wanderers on the mountain a-stray;

Eb Eb7 Ab
"Come unto Me," His message repeating,

Db Ab Eb7 Ab
Words of the Master speaking to-day.

Ab Db
Going a-far (going afar)

Db Ab
Upon the mountain (upon the mountain)

Ab Eb7 Ab
Bringing the wanderer back a-gain, back again,

Ab Db
Into the fold (into the fold)

Db Ab
Of my Redeemer (of my Redeemer)

Ab Eb7 Ab Db Ab
Jesus the Lamb for sinners slain, for sinners slain.
[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] Seeking the lost—yes, kindly entreating Wanders on the mountain astray; “Come unto Me,” His message repeating, Words of the Master speaking today. [Refrain] Going afar upon the mountain, Bringing the wand’rer back again, Into the fold of my Redeemer, Jesus the Lamb for sinners slain. [Verse 2] Seeking the lost—and pointing to Jesus Souls that are weak and hearts that are sore, Leading them forth in ways of salvation, Showing the path to life evermore. [Verse 3] Thus I would go on missions of mercy, Following Christ from day unto day, Cheering the faint and raising the fallen, Pointing the lost to Jesus, the Way.