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355. Where Cross the Crowded Ways of Life

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[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] Where cross the crowded ways of life, where sound the cries of race and clan, above the noise of selfish strife, we hear your voice, O Son of Man. [Verse 2] From tender childhood’s helplessness, from woman’s grief, man’s burdened toil, from famished souls, from sorrow’s stress, your heart has never known recoil. [Verse 3] The cup of water given for you still holds the freshness of your grace; yet long these multitudes to view the sweet compassion of your face. [Verse 4] O Master, from the mountainside make haste to heal these hearts of pain; among these restless throngs abide; O tread the city’s streets again. [Verse 5] Till all the world shall learn your love and follow where your feet have trod, till, glorious from your heaven above, shall come the city of our God.