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346. Lord, Who Dost Thou Give to Thy Church

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[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] Lord, who dost give to Thy church for its healing Gifts, and the grace to sustain and renew, Hear as we pray that today and each morrow We to Thy purpose may show ourselves true. [Verse 2] Clear be the voices of preachers and prophets Fearlessly speaking the word of the Lord, Word of redemption thro‘ God’s Son incarnate, Blessing for cursing, and peace for the sword. [Verse 3] Tender and wise be the hearts of the pastors, Guiding and guarding the souls in their care, Firm with the wayward, a strength to the doubting, Helping the needy their burdens to bear. [Verse 4] May those who teach grow in knowledge and patience, Guiding to wisdom the young and the old, Training for worship and witness and service, Foes to all falsehood, in truthfulness bold. [Verse 5] Lord, ever give to us gifts in due measure, Each needing other, and all having worth; So to the Father, the Son, and the Spirit, Glory be shown by the church here on earth.