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261. The Spirit of the Lord Revealed

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F        Gm F  C   Dm   G  C      C7  F C7 F  Bb     Csus C F
The Spir-it of the Lord re-vealed His will to saints of old;

F Gm F C Dm G C C7 F C7 F Bb Csus C F
Their heart and mind and lips un-sealed His glo- ry to un - fold.

D Gm Dsus D Gm Cm D A#2 Gm D7 Gm Cm D Gm
Amid the gloom of an-cient night They hailed the dawn-ing Word,

Dm C Gm F C Dm G C C7 F Gm F A# Csus C F
And in the com-ing of the light Pro-claimed the com-ing Lord.
[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] The Spirit of the Lord revealed His will to saints of old; Their heart and mind lips unsealed His glory to unfold. Amid the gloom of ancient night They hailed the dawning Word, And in the coming of the light Proclaimed the coming Lord. [Verse 2] The prophets passed; at length there came To sojourn and abide, The Word incarnate, to whose name The prophets testified; And He, the twilight overpast, Himself, the Light of light, As man with man, revealed at last The Father to our sight. [Verse 3] Eternal Spirit, who dost speak To mind and conscience still, That we in this our day, may seek To do our Father’s will, To us the word of life impart, Of Christ, the living way; Give us the quiet, humble heart To hear and to obey.