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25. Praise the Lord, His Glories Show

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F          Dm        F   Gm   C     F  Bb Gm7 C F
Praise the Lord, His glo-ries show, Al-le-lu - ia!

F Dm F Gm C F Bb Gm7 C F
Saints with-in His courts be-low, Al-le-lu - ia!

Dm Cm F7 A# Gm C F G7 C C7
Angles ’round His throne a- bove, Al-le-lu-ia!

F Dm F Gm C F Bb Gm7 C F
All that see and share His love. Al-le-lu - ia!
[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] Praise the Lord, His glories show, Alleluia! Saints within His courts below, Alleluia! Angels ‘round His throne above, Alleluia! All that see and share His love, Alleluia! [Verse 2] Earth to heaven and heaven to earth, Alleluia! Tell His wonders, sing His worth, Alleluia! Age to age and shore to shore, Alleluia! Praise Him, praise Him evermore! Alleluia! [Verse 3] Praise the Lord, His mercies trace, Alleluia! Praise His providence and grace, Alleluia! All that He for man hath done, Alleluia! All He sends us through His Son. Alleluia!