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234. Christ Is the World’s Light

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[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] Christ is the world’s Light, He and none other; Born in our darkness, He became our brother- If we have seen Him, We have seen the Father: Glory to God on high! [Verse 2] Christ is the world’s Peace, He and none other; No one can serve Him, And despise another. Who else unites us, One in God the Father? Glory to God on high! [Verse 3] Christ is the world’s life, He and none other; sold once for silver, murdered here, our brother- He, who redeems us, Reigns with God the Father: Glory to God on high! [Verse 4] Give God the glory, God and none other; Give God the glory, Spirit, Son and Father; Give God the glory, God-with-us our brother: Glory to God on high!