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232. At the Name of Jesus

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Dm     F    C  Dm F   Dm    F    Gm    Dm A#
At the name of Je-sus Every knee shall bow,

F Am Dm Dm7 Gm F Gm
Every tongue con-fess Him King of glo-ry now;

C Gm C Am Dm C Csus G C Dm7 C
“Tis the Fa-ther’s plea-sure We should call Him Lord,

Dm C Am Gm F C Dm
Who from the be-ginning Was the might-y Word.

[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] At the name of Jesus Every knee shall bow, Every tongue confess Him King of glory now; “Tis the Father’s pleasure We should call Him Lord, Who from the beginning Was the mighty Word. [Verse 2] At His voice creation sprang at once to sight, All the angel faces, All the hosts of light, Thrones and dominations stars upon their way, All the heavenly orders in their great array. [Verse 3] Humbled for a season, To receive a name From the lips of sinners, Unto whom He came; He is God the Savior, He is Christ the Lord, Ever to be worshiped, Trusted and adored. [Verse 4] In your hearts enthrone Him: There let Him subdue All that is not holy, All that is not true; Crown Him as your captain in temptation’s hour, Let His will enfold you in its light and power. [Verse 5] Surely, this Lord Jesus shall return again, With His Father’s glory, With His angel train; For all wreaths of empire meet upon His brow, And our hearts confess Him King of glory now.