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224. Seek Ye First the Kingdom

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[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] Seek ye first the kingdom, ‘Tis your Father’s will. So the voice of Jesus bids us follow still. Saviour, we would hear Thee, Follow, find, and see; And in life’s adventure Thy disciples be. [Verse 2] As for hidden treasure, Or for matchless pearl, When at last discovered, some will sell their all; So, when breaks the vision of that kingdom fair, Ours shall be its riches And its beauty rare. [Verse 3] As the silent leaven works its secret way, Or as grows the seed grain through the night and day; Lord, so be the increase, peaceable but sure, Of Thy word within us, And Thy kingdom’s power. [Verse 4] As the tender seedling grows up tall and strong, And the birds of heaven to its branches throng; So shall all God’s children, from the east and west, Gather to His kingdom, In its shadow rest. [Verse 5] Humblest shall be greatest, poor in spirit reign; Home shall come the childlike, born through Thee again; Eager hearts arrive there on the pilgrim’s road, Hail! the kingdom glorious of the living God!