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209. That Glorious Day Is Coming

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[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] That glorious day is coming, The hour is hastening on; Its radiant light is nearing, Far brighter than the sun; In yonder clouds of heaven, The Saviour will appear, And gather all His chosen, To meet Him in the air. [Verse 2] The saints, then all victorious Will go to meet their Lord; An earth both bright and glorious, Will then be their reward; And God Himself there reigning, Will wipe all tears away; Nor clouds nor night remaining, But one eternal day. [Verse 3] O Christian, keep from sleeping, And let your love abound; Be watchful, prayerful, faithful, The trumpet soon will sound! O sinner, hear the warning! To Jesus quickly fly! Then you, in that blest morning, May meet Him in the sky!