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197. The King of Love My Shepherd Is

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G   D    C  G       Dsus D    Em
The King of love my Shep-herd is,

D Gsus G Asus A7 G D
Whose good-ness fail-eth nev-er;

G Am7 D7 G Em F#m7 B Em
I no- thing lack if I am His,

D7 G D7 G
And He is mine for-ev-er.
[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] The King of love my Shepherd is, Whose goodness faileth never; I nothing lack if I am His, And He is mine forever. [Verse 2] Where streams of living water flow My ransomed soul He leadeth, And, where the verdant pastures grow, With food celestial feedeth. [Verse 3] Perverse and foolish, oft I strayed, But yet in love He sought me, And on His shoulder gently laid, And home, rejoicing, brought me. [Verse 4] And so through all the length of days Thy goodness faileth never; Good Shepherd! I would sing Thy praise Within Thy house forever.