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167. Alleluia! Sing to Jesus!

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F  C  F      Bb   F  C  C7   F   Gm  F        Gm  C   F
Al-le-lu-ia! sing to Je-sus! His the scepter, His the throne;

Dm C F Gm F C F Gm F Am Gm C F
Al-le-lu-ia! His the triumph, His the vic-to-ry a-lone;

Am Dm7 Gm C7 A Dm Gm C
Hark! the songs of peaceful Sion Thunder like a might-y flood;

F Am Gm C7 F C C7 F Gm F C7 F
Je-sus out of every na-tion Hath re-deemed us by His blood.
[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] Alleluia! sing to Jesus! His the scepter, His the throne. Alleluia! His the triumph, His the victory alone. Hark! the songs of peaceful Zion thunder like a mighty flood. Jesus out of every nation Hath redeemed us by His blood. [Verse 2] Alleluia! not as orphans Are we left in sorrow now; Alleluia! He is near us, Faith believes, nor questions how; Though the cloud from sight received Him When the forty days were o’er Shall our hearts forget His promise, “I am with you evermore.” [Verse 3] Alleluia! bread of angels, Thou on earth our food, our stay; Alleluia! here the sinful Flee to Thee from day to day: Intercessor, Friend of sinners, Earth’s Redeemer, plead for me, Where the songs of all the sinless Sweep across the crystal sea.