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123. As With Gladness Men of Old

Added: 20 Dec 2020 | Transpose: [Down] [Up] | Capo fret: 11 | .cho file text | More Hymns | FaceBook Page

Ab Eb   Bbm  Ab   Db  Dbm Absus Ab
As with glad-ness men of old

Bbm Eb7 Ab Fm Ebsus7 Ab
Did the guid-ing star be-hold,

Fm Bbm Fm Dbm Cm7 Cdim
As with joy they hailed its light,

Db Dbdim Ab Db Eb2 Eb Ab
Lead-ing on-ward, beam-ing bright,

C C7 Fm7 Db7 Ebm7 Ab Ab7
So, most gracious Lord, may we

Db Dbdim Ab Bbm7 Cm Eb7 Ab
Ev-er - more be led to Thee.
[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] As with gladness men of old Did the guiding star behold, As with joy they hailed its light, Leading onward, beaming bright, So, most gracious Lord, may we Evermore be led to Thee. [Verse 2] As with joyful steps they sped To that lowly manger bed, There to bend the knee before Him whom heav’n and earth adore, So may we with willing feet Ever seek Thy mercy seat. [Verse 3] As they offered gifts most rare At that manger rude and bare, So may we with holy joy, Pure, and free from sin’s alloy, All our costliest treasures bring, Christ, to Thee our heav’nly King. [Verse 4] Holy Jesus, every day Keep us in the narrow way; And, when earthly things are past, Bring our ransomed souls at last Where they need no star to guide, Where no clouds Thy glory hide.