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110. God’s Free Mercy Streameth

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[[Full Lyrics]] [Verse 1] God’s free mercy streameth over all the world, And His banner gleameth, By His church unfuried; Broad and deep and glorious, As the heaven above, Shines in might victorious His eternal love. [Verse 2] Summer suns are glowing over land and sea; Happy light is flowing, Bountiful and free; Everything rejoices in the mellow rays; Earth’s ten thousand voices swell the psalm of praise. [Verse 3] Lord, upon our blindness thy pure radiance pour; For Thy loving kindness we would love Thee more; And when clouds are drifting dark across the sky, Then, the veil uplifting, father, be Thou nigh. [Verse 4] We will never doubt Thee, tho’ veil Thy light; Life is dark without Thee, death with Thee is bright. Light of light, shine o’er us on our pilgrim way, Go Thou still before us to the endless day.