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Christian Song Chords

Sabbath Rest

G A Em Bm Em A Em A G A D G A

   D                      Em
We set our work aside. We leave our cares behind,
        A              D G A
On this day of Sabbath rest.
   D                 Em
On this holy day, we come to give You praise,
        A              D7
On this day of Sabbath rest.

        G Em       F#m Bm
Sabbath rest. Holy rest,
On this day He set aside,
Hallowed, blessed and sanctified;
        G Em       F#m Bm
Sabbath rest, holy rest,
       G                A
Out of all the week the best,
        Em         A
We have come to be blessed,
         G      A       D
One this day of Sabbath rest.

Paradise Valley

Db                                Gb
As I travel through life with its trouble and strife

Eb     Ab                    Db       Gb  Db
I’ve a glorious hope to give cheer on the way

Db                                 Gb           Ebm
Soon my toil will be o’er and I’ll rest on that shore

          Ab                         Db
Where the night has been turned into day

Up in paradise valley (up in the beautiful paradise valley)

       Gb                   Db
By the side of the river of life (of the river of life)

Up in paradise valley (up in the valley, the wonderful valley)

         Eb7                        Ab  Ab7
We’ll be free from all pain and all strife (from all pain and all strife)

There we’ll live in the garden (there we shall live in the rose tinted garden)

           Db7                    Gb
’Neath the shade of the evergreen tree (of the evergreen tree)

                            Db                       Bbm
How I long for the paradise valley (for the paradise valley)

          Eb        Ab7         Db
Where the beauty of heaven I’ll see (beauty of heaven I’ll see)