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Japan Train Delay Reasons

Google Spreadsheet of Japan Train Delay Reasons

Chart above showing reasons for train delays seen in Tokyo in 2020, sorted by category, reason (rows) and location of reason (columns)

List below showing reasons sorted by alphabetical order

Accretion on overhead cables
Animal collision
Antelope collision
Baggage caught in door
Car inspection
Car problem
Check transformer
Checking safety at crossing
Door trouble
Fallen bamboo
Heavy construction
Heavy rain
Heavy snow
Human-related accident
Line maintenance
Obstacle in tracks
Obstacle on overhead cables
Person on tracks
Personal injury
Platform gate inspection
Prevent contagious outbreak
Rail facility fire
River overflow
Safety check
Snow removal
Strong wind forecast
Strong winds
Switch point inspection
Temporary timetable
Trouble on board
Tunnel inspection
Typhoon approach
Unidentified noise