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Japan Rail East - Timetable Revision - March 2021

Below is a translation of the first couple of pages from the JR East Japan railway timetable change for March 2021.

Original in Japanese: JR東日本2021年3月ダイヤ改正について[PDF/2,322KB]

JR East Japan News

18 December 2020
East Japan Railway Company

March 2021
Timetable Adjustment


I. Shinkansen

1. Ueno to Omiya Time Reduced

A maximum speed of 130 km/h will be implemented in Saitama Prefecture between Ueno and Omiya, thereby reducing the time required to travel both to and from Tokyo.
* Due to connecting services and adjustments, some trains will not arrive earlier at their final stop.

Times to Major Stations from Tokyo (Maximum Speend)

		Tokyo - Sendai		Tokyo - Shinaomori		Tokyo - Shin-hakodate-hokuto
Outbound	1h30m (-1 min)		2h58m (-1 min)			3h57m (-1 min)
Inbound		1h29m (-1 min)		2h58m (-1 min)			3h57m (-1 min)

2. Joetsu Shinkansen Convenience and Amenities to be Improved

(1) Chance to Ride the Joetsu Shinkansen E7 Series to be Increased
12 new E7 series trains will be added to the Joetsu Shinkansen lines running on the Toki, Max Toki, Tanigawa and Max Tanigawa services, thereby improving amenities.

Number of Toki and Tanigawa Trainsets Operating Using E7 Series

			Toki				Tanigawa
		Before	After	Added		Before	After	Added
Inbound		4	8	+4		1	3	+2
Outbound	4	8	+4		1	3	+2


(2) Morning Commute Tanigawa Service Time and Destination to be Adjusted

The frequently used morning commute Tanigawa service will be adjusted to arrive at Tokyo between 7 and 8 am, and the destination will be changed from Ueno to Tokyo.

Tanigawa Adjusted Time and Destination 

	Service		Departs		Time	Arrives		Time	Stops At
Before	Tanigawa 474	Takasaki	7:17	Ueno		8:08	Kugayama, Omiya
After	Tanigawa 472	Takasaki	6:31	Tokyo		7:24	Kugayama, Omiya, Ueno

3. Other

Timetable to be Adjusted due to Passenger Usage

Tohoku Shinkansen Hayabusa 37 (departing Tokyo 16:28 for Shinaomori) and Hayabusa 20 (departing Shinaomori 11:20 for Tokyo) will cease.

Joetsu Shinkansen Tanigawa 473 (departing Ueno 18:52 for Takasaki) on weekends and holidays will cease, and will run only on regular weekdays.