Brad Warden / Japan


About Japan, for visitors and foreign residents, and my experiences here :-)

Earthquakes - list of recent quakes and ones I’ve felt
Typhoons - current typhoons in Japan
Shinkansen - chart of the various bullet train services, lines and rolling stock
Japan Rail East - Timetable Revision - March 2021 - changes in times and services
Train Delay Reasons - chart of the various reasons why trains in Tokyo in 2020 were delayed
Jiyugaoka - how to get to my suburb in Tokyo
Mt Fuji
Plants & Animals - list of the ones I’ve seen here
Bike Rides Map - where I’ve cycled in Japan in 2012
Tokyo Info Map - key locations and where I hang out
SDA Church - church list & map, schools list & map
Tokaido 53 Stations Map - famous ancient highway of Japan from Kyoto to Tokyo

Japan Guide - Travel & Living Info - by far the best and most comprehensive site
Jisho - Japanese-English Dictionary - the best online
Hyperdia - Train timetables
Yahoo Transit - timetables (Japanese)
Google Maps - options for transit and English
Online Japanese Christian Radio