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This page provides information about Brad Warden Hosting.


To do a full backup of your website, including web files, database data, settings, and any other data:
  1. Login to the webhosting control panel.
  2. Under "Files", click on "Backups".
  3. Click "Download or Generate a Full Website Backup" button.
  4. Leave backup destination as "Home Directory", choose the email settings you want, and click "Generate Backup".
  5. Wait until the backup is generated (could take a few minutes). Click "Go Back".
  6. You will see the "In progress" of the backup.
  7. If you refresh the page, you will see it completed when it is.
  8. Click on the "backup-date_time_username.tar.gz" file to download it.
    You can go to this page and download the backup anytime. You can also download this file from "File Manager".
    Please note that if you keep doing backups, it could fill up your allocated webspace, so please remove any unnecessary backups from File Manager.
  9. With the .tar.gz backup file, on Windows, you can extract the data using 7-zip utility.
  10. Unzip the .gz file to create the .tar file. Extract the .tar file to create the folder. In that folder, extract the "homedir.tar" file to create the folder containing your webfiles. In that folder, go into "public_html" to find your websites.
  11. The database files are located in the "mysql" folder of main backup folder.
  12. If you are unsure about doing a restore of any data, please contact support.
As the owner or developer of a website, please do regular backups, especially when you are making lots of changes on your website.

When you host with Brad Warden Hosting, you agree to keep a full backup of the website, separate from this web hosting server.

Loss of data can occur for any number of reasons, and while Brad Warden Hosting and providers take all care in managing data, we can not be held responsible for any loss which may occur.