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191. Love Divine

Added: 29 Feb 2020 | Transpose: [Down] [Up] | Capo fret: 11 | More Hymns

A       D     A         E7    A     D                 A     E7   A
Love di-vine, all loves excel-ling, Joy of heaven, to earth come down;

A D A E7 F#m D Bm A E7 A
Fix in us Thy hum-ble dwel-ling, All Thy faithful mercies crown!

Gbm Db7 Gbm Db A D A E B7 E E7
Jesus, Thou art all com-passion, Pure, un-bound-ed love Thou art;

A D A E7 F#m D Bm A E7 A
Visit us with Thy salva-tion, En-ter every trembling heart.