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74. Like a River Glorious

Added: 8 Jan 2006 | More Hymns

F      C     F        Bb       C       F
Like a river glorious Is God's perfect peace,

F    C       F       C      G7        C
Over all vic-torious In its bright in-crease;

F        C7  F  Bb   F   Gm7  C7 F     C
Perfect, yet it flow-eth Full-er every day,

F        A7     Dm   G7  F      C7      F
Perfect, yet it grow-eth Deeper all the way.

F        C7 F  Bb F    Gm7    C7  F     C
Trusting in Je-ho-vah, Hearts are fully blest

F        A7    Dm   G     F       C7        F
Finding, as He prom-ised, Perfect peace and rest.