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638. The Wise May Bring Their Learning

Added: 10 Aug 2019 | More Hymns

C   F    Gm7 F     Bb    C         Bb  F        Gm7   C7    F
The wise may bring their learning, The rich may bring their wealth,
C   F    Bb  F     G7    C G7  C     Bb  F    Dm    Gm7      C   F
And some may bring their great-ness, And some their strength and health:
F  C               C7  F         C7       F      C
We too would bring our treasures To offer to the King,
C  F    Gm7 F      Bb C         Bb   F        Gm7  C7   F 
We have no  wealth or learning— What shall we chil-dren bring?