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503. A Quiet Place

Added: 5 Jan 2006 | More Hymns

C          E7
There is a quiet place,

Am           C7               F       A7        Dm       Em
Far from the rapid pace where God can soothe my troubled mind.

Gm           C7
Sheltered by tree and flow'r,

F           Dm              Am     F#m   B7  E       Dm7 G
There in my quiet hour with Him my cares are left be-hind.

C         E7
Whether a garden small,

Am      C7                 F            E7      Am      C7
Or on a mountain tall, New strength and courage there I find;

Am             Dm7
Then from this quiet place

Em7      A7              Dm           G7               C
I go pre-pared to face a new day With love for all man-kind.